Security is an important element of your validity evidence and therefore should be considered in your validation framework and integrated into your program design and your test development and maintenance activities. Adopting an integrated and proactive security methodology is an effective way to promote validity and mitigate the risk of harm to a program’s reputation, brand, and finances as a result of intentional wrong-doing such as fraud, cheating, and misconduct, or as a result of test takers unwittingly gaining an unintended advantage.

Alpine’s staff has expertise in working with program sponsors to design and implement an integrated security solution that encompasses prevention, detection, and enforcement. We are unique in our ability to combine our psychometric expertise with functionality in our CertMetrics™ Credential Management system to detect and systematically respond to testing irregularities in near-real time, thereby giving test sponsors the information they need in the timeframe they need it to proactively rather than retroactively enforce security policies.

Alpine can:

  • Design and implement security throughout your test development and maintenance activities
  • Provide proactive security solutions
  • Provide risk assessment (security review)
  • Remove scoring and therefore the key from delivery providers and testing centers
  • Tailor automated data forensics to your program's needs
  • Provide near real-time detection of testing irregularities
  • Put detection and enforcement in front of score reports and actions informed by test results (e.g., credentialing decisions)
  • Provide ad-hoc and a priori security analyses and services