Our experienced psychometricians provide a wide range of consultation and analysis services with a focus on industry expectations and standards as well as the policy, legal, security, and business considerations that influence best practice.These consulting services include:

  • Program Design
  • Validation Framework Development
  • Psychometric Audit or Evaluation
  • Custom Validity Research
  • Assessment Literacy
  • Accreditation Preparation
  • Test Health and Security Checks

Using Classical Test Theory, Item Response Theory, and Rasch to support the validity of test uses, reliability of test scores, and fairness for test takers, our psychometricians are skilled at designing and performing a full range of analyses from data derived from: selected and/or constructed response items (e.g., ‘traditional’ and ‘innovative’ item types, scenario and case study items, simulations, and labs); dichotomous and/or polytomous scoring models; and, diverse administration models (e.g., on-demand and windowed, fixed-form, computer adaptive, linear-on-the-fly, testlets).

Typcial analyses performed include:

  • Item and Option Analyses
  • Test Analyses
  • Security Analyses (a.k.a. data forensics)
  • Forms Assembly
  • Reliability Analyses
  • Equating and Scaling
  • Rescoring
  • Standard Setting Analyses
  • Survey Analyses (e.g.,Job-task Analysis)

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