Amanda Wolkowitz, Ph.D.

Senior Psychometrician


Amanda is a Psychometrician on the Education, Licensure, and Professional Certification Services team. Prior to joining Alpine Testing Solutions, she worked as the Senior Psychometrician for Ascend Learning where she provided psychometric advice and conducted psychometric analysis for both educational and licensure exams. Amanda received her doctoral degree from the Department of Psychology and Research in Education at the University of Kansas - Lawrence. Her research interests include equating, test-retest performance, test security, and item response theory.

Fun Facts

Amanda lives in the St. Louis area with her husband and three daughters. Before landing a career in psychometrics, Amanda earned a degree in piano performance and mathematics, and earned a teaching credential in math.  A few jobs she had growing up that had absolutely nothing to do with her career included delivering newspapers, detasseling corn, and cleaning a gas station.  Now-a-days, Amanda enjoys spending time running, watching her girls’ gymnastics meets, cooking/baking, and just hanging out and spending time with her family.